I am Jeffrey and we are breeders of German Shepherd Puppies and absolutely love our dogs, enjoy the precious moments when we have with puppies and the time we get to spend with these puppies as they curiously explore this new world they’re born into. 

We strive to breed only the healthiest German Shepherd Puppies with lots of love and attention. We have strict breeding and care standards for all of Our Puppies. 

We Are Responsible Breeders

We have been working for many years and we love every part of our job! We’ve been breeding and raising puppies for about 10 years. We are extremely good at breeding German Shepherd Puppies, carefully planning and executing new state of the art breeding techniques yielding some of the finest German Shepherd Puppies bloodlines. As puppy breeders, we specialize in happy, well-adjusted  retriever companions, highly socialized babies can be your friends for life. 

Our preferred method of capturing our dogs in photographs is to never stage the photos.  We prefer to just turn them loose on our farm and “catch them in the act” of playing and exploring and discovering.  It’s the best way to be able to reflect each dog’s personality, we feel. We try every day to offer our customers attentive service. We provide a very warm and friendly environment for these pets. You’ll be satisfied with our fair prices, and with the great feeling you get when you connect with nature!Jeffrey