My boyfriend and I fell in love with Izzie (now named Stormy) a German Shepherd Puppies from Jeffrey. We immediately reached out and communication was a breeze, he answered all of our answers and got back to us in a timely manner. The whole process was very professional and smooth especially since we got her shipped. We received a very healthy happy dog, who has a great temperament and is very well socialized! You can tell that she came from a loving home! I’m so glad I came across this site because we couldn’t have been happier!
Vivi Barrientos
We could not have loved our experience with Jeffrey German Shepherd Puppies and our new puppy more! It’s a huge decision to buy a puppy online and make sure everything is above board, and I felt so reassured by the conversations I had with both Jeffrey. He both so helpful, informative, and more than happy to answer all of my questions. We loved that we had an option to have Waffle come directly to our home in Boston. She is such a sweet, beautiful girl! We also loved that she had her first round of vaccinations and is microchipped as well. We are loving her and would recommend anyone looking for a wonderful German Shepherd Puppies puppy to use this site! 
Sari and Brandon Claye
I am so very happy with my new baby. Lol Koda(formerly named Lonnie) fits in so well with our family. He’s about 22 weeks now and so loving, playful, and well-behaved. He’s a little mischievous but I like that. He is so friendly and social, never barks at other dogs or people. Easy to teach…he’s just the best and so fluffy and cuddly. lol He’s awesome, I would totally recommend Jeffrey German Shepherd Puppies to anyone looking for a little buddy. The process was quick and simple. The shipping was handled by them as well.
Eulonda Marie Beard
Tedder was his given name, However he is now called Bowdie. I would like to thank Jeffrey and his family for raising such an incredibly socialized puppy at the young age of 9 weeks when we received him. We have had dogs for 30 + years and this is the first puppy that came in so well behaved and socialized. We fell in love with Bowdie from the first photos we received and could not wait to meet him. Meeting did not disappoint! Cuter than Cute and Happy to be loved with some manners already in place. We live in Vermont and it was so great for Bowdie to already be happy and content in the outdoors with no fear of exploring. I highly recommend this site and the way they handle all their parents & puppies.
Kim Levering Fisher
The process of getting Popper our puppy was easier than I thought it would be, after purchasing him the breeder called me to thank me and if I had any questions. Also, the delivery service kept me updated with his status from start to finish.

I was so happy with the immediate since if trust Jeffrey made me feel from initial contact. And once I put down my deposit I was contacted with the progress of the process daily. I also want to thank the transport company for their long trip to Florida and even being patient with me while I grabbed cash! I have passed along your brand every time I’ve been asked where I got this amazing puppy from! Cheers!

Damien Kent
Macie is a sharp looking gal going on 5 months, she loves people, other dogs and even cats. She is a big hit at the dog park and loves me to throw the ball going to train her in agility for sure!
Elaine Gliko
We adopted a beautiful German Shepherd Puppies, he couldn’t be more perfect, drove to pick him up, it was worth the trip. They were great, reassured me everything was legit, and Jeffrey was a great guy, all around smooth transaction.
John lemelin
I bought a German Shepherd Puppies and his name is Dallas. He is such a good puppy. He is already potty trained. I brought him to the vet and he’s healthy except for ear mites but he got meds and now he’s fine. I would consider buying again from this breeder in the future. I would love to buy a little female companion for Dallas (not breeding). I’m happy with my experience.
Crystal L Bell
I got my beautiful Sadie Mae here. She is so well bred. She’s perfect. Her personality is amazing , she’s very timid, and she is incredibly smart!! She learns so fast, and loves learning. She is so adventurous. She also doesn’t need a leash, she naturally stays by me. She is the perfect image of a “Velcro dog”. She never leaves my side, She loves hiking, playing fetch, swimming and going to the doggy park! She also is protective (when needed). I highly recommend these breeders. Their dogs and puppies are also raised very well.
Hope Reyes
We are over the moon about our German Shepherd Puppy. Her name is Cacy and she is everything we ever wanted in a companion. She is loyal, loving, full of energy, attentive and unconditionally in love with us in return. We also were very pleased with the process of adoption. Their team was great to work with keeping things simple and smooth. She arrived early in the morning on December 2, 2021 (via van stork) and nestled sweetly into our arms. Even our cat Juni tolerantly plays with her. Life has been more full of love and fun ever since. She brings us joy everyday!
Thank you for making this our best decision in 2021.Thank you for making this our best decision in 2021.
Tracy Kelso
We recently brought home our 2nd fur-baby from Jeffrey and the entire experience was wonderful and easy. Our puppies are happy, healthy, and have been the best additions to our family. I cannot imagine a better experience. Thank you for my beautiful puppies!!!!
Jennifer Ramaekers
My wife and I have been looking for a German Shepherd and came across “Jeffrey puppies”. It was a pleasure dealing with them. They are very knowledgeable and eager to help. You can pay with full confidence. I can not say enough good things about Jeffrey German Shepherd Pups I would most definitely recommend them to everyone. Thank you so much.
John Meninger
I went to pick up my (New family), a cute German Shepherd puppy. Although it takes about 11 hrs. to drive, I forgot all the driving fatigue to see the cute puppy. They’re so beautiful, the breeder Jeffrey is very professional and kind. It was very impressive experience. Thank You Jeffrey for the beautiful puppy!
Sunju Park
My boyfriend and I have always wanted to get a dog but we weren’t sure where to get it from. Once we saw Elon we knew he was the one. We had so many questions and Jeffrey made sure to answer all of them and give me as much information as possible. The process was easy and fast. Thank you so much for getting our fur baby to us.
Esther Rodriguez Ojeda
We absolutely adore the puppy we adopted! Max is a beautiful boy, an absolute sweetheart and so adorably adventurous. We cannot thank Jeffrey and family enough!
Karie Deithorn
Hi Jeffrey German Shepherd Puppies, It was such a pleasure meeting you and your Family. Thank you SO much for my little Clementine. She’s absolutely adorable! I care for her very much and spoil her as much as possible without spoiling her character. ha-ha. She’s an absolute pleasure to have! She runs so fast and plays so much, its just inevitable that anyone around her smiles all the time.Thank you again, really. I am so happy, and wish you, your family and fluffy paws all the very best from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely!
Sam Owens
Thank you so much for the gift. That was a very nice touch to an already great transaction with you. I will and have recommended people to you as I keep getting compliments on Lola wherever we go. I searched for a long time for the perfect breed and then breeder and we are so happy with our decision on both. You made everything simple and stress free. We love Lola very much and she gets the best of anything as she is so beautiful and smart and funny. She is in puppy classes as well as puppy play time. She goes everywhere with us and is doing good on a leash. Thank you.”
If you are lucky enough to get a dog from Jeffrey German Shepherd Puppies , your life will be complete. Everyone has an opinion on what a dog should be, Jeffrey German Shepherd Puppies is your wish come true. My dog is very smart, has a great personality and people who are afraid of dogs in my family love this dog. Jeffrey German Shepherd Puppies told me his dogs were bred for personality and demeanor. This is true. The girls at the vets office see dozens of dogs a day and they love this dog. He is big for a puppy, house trained in two weeks and the most affectionate dog I have ever had. I can not say enough how happy I am. I have been around dogs my entire life and if you can get one of this line you will be lucky and glad you made the right choice. I feel lucky and blessed and I would not be any happier if I won the lottery.
Lisa Nolan
Lola is doing good and she went to the vet and she is in perfect health. She is so funny and playful. She goes into each puppy bed and boots the puppies out and then she plops down where they were laying. She controls the house! She is getting long and tall already. My daughter is sitting on the floor playing with the feather teaser toy and she says sh
Jane & Mike
Hi, Niako is doing great and is already learning tricks and fetching. Here is a pic of Niako, the big boy is so cute and we love him sooooo much. Hope you like the pic. His spots are all showing thru. I think he looks beautiful.
“He is perfect to me. He has a perfect posture. Everywhere we go people stop us and tell me how amazing he is. And he has such a good personality! When he got his staples and shots he was licking the vet. I’m so glad I picked him.
Amanda Andrews
We’ve been wanting to thank you again for being so generous to give us Nilah. Words can’t even express how much we love her! She is an amazing puppy with lots of love and energy to share. Everything you said about her and German Shepherd Puppies are true, and she is an amazing companion to us! We truly appreciate everything!!! Keep in touch.
Alice J
Drizzt is settling in well. He had his booster shot last week and did great, no muss no fuss. He was up 1 pound from his first visit. He is such a food hound, bribery works well as a distraction technique. He is crazy affectionate. He cuddles up and has to be touching us when he sleeps. He has lost a few of his front teeth and it looks really cute!
I have taken him to a couple of Dalaney’s baseball practices. He was great in his harness, and really behaved more like a Child than a dog. He certainly attracts a lot of attention! People we don’t know come up and ask if they can take his picture. I find it a little weird, but whatever.
Take care, will keep you up to date.
Malice O'Connor